Top 10 Startups Revealed for G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Tel Aviv

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The Visualead team after winning G-Startup at GMIC Beijing in 2013

G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Tel Aviv is excited to announce the top 10 startups in our 2016 competition.  We received over 250 applications from 35 countries!  Major tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Beijing and Tel Aviv were well represented and applicants came in as far as Botswana, Azerbaijan, and Chile. After narrowing them down to the top 25 last week, the 15 esteemed investors on the evaluation committee have completed their review of the startups.

The top 10 that will pitch to our judges who are some of the best VC’s in Israel.

Cinch provides financing solutions for businesses based on store credit sales.  With our platform, businesses can build campaigns to sell store credit, get the cash directly from their customers that they need to grow or operate  and manage all the money… based on this data we generate a new score for external money to join.

Shoptimally changes the way we look at machine learning. Current machine learning algorithms focus on making the most out of the data available. There’s a glass ceiling to how much you can make out of a small amount of data, and current algorithms are quite close to it. Shoptimally is focused on creating more data and better data – therefore breaking through that glass ceiling and learning more than would be possibly under the current working process. We use this technology to help e-commerce sites learn what each individual buyer is looking for and create a better user experience from the first visit.

The Grid is developing proprietary technology to enable the provision of various “on-demand” courier and delivery services.The Grid’s technology and tools are focused on enabling the simultaneous performance of several, unrelated “on-demand” delivery assignments by a single courier. This is a challenging and unique proposition which dramatically improves the service’s costs and consequent price, while still offering an innovative, “on-demand” experience.

feelter – Consumers today search for the truth all over social media to make their buying decisions. feelter is a platform that improves sales and engagement by enhancing the shopping experience with highly curated social content  (mentions, reviews, photos, videos and insights) on the web and in Apps and stores, right next to the product,  designed to support consumer decisions and eliminate the need to wonder off into competitor territory for more information.

ZCast is an end to end platform for generating global group podcasts with no need for a studio or equipment. Available on iOS in a native app and a full web app including Android support, users can define a topic, choose co hosts and go live with zero barriers.

TapReason helps mobile applications fulfill their true potential. Building a successful app requires building a great product, but a great product alone isn’t enough. A successful app has to reach critical user mass (AKA go viral or buy users). This is where TapReason comes in. TapReason is an automated internal campaign management platform for promoting mobile apps by optimizing their viral loop.

TRENCH is making the fashion industry economical for consumers, enabling any women to enjoy an infinite closet without opening her wallet. TRENCH is building fashion sharing economies and empowering them with an innovative digital currency and an engaging geo-location app. TRENCH enables women to continuously enjoy new fashion items for their closets, without using more money, getting them even faster than deliveries, while making new friends.

TROPHiT is the world’s first value-driven marketing platform. It’s patent-pending no-SDK technology turns mobile game virtual items into marketable units called “vouchers” to allow unique marketing methods that improve traffic quality: “recycling” gold leftovers in an inactive game for a new sword in a new game, text your friend 50 gems as a signup gift, distribute 200 free chips for Korean new users vs. 500 in UK, and more – all tracked through your favorite tracking provider.

FieldIn Tech is an IoT software service company that optimizes integrated pest management in orchards, groves and vineyards. Our intuitive, analytics-based solution is designed for both grower teams and their stakeholders. The product makes it possible to utilize data from the field throughout the entire crop protection cycle, and creates a new level of transparency, traceability and collaboration.

ONDiGO is leveraging automation & and machine learning to automate tedious sales tasks and capture repeatable success patterns that transform salespeople into top performers.

We would like to thank our evaluation committee for their hard work and helping us choose the finalists.  We truly appreciate their time and insight:

Amir Pinchas – Head of Operations and Portfolio, Microsoft Ventures
Roy Oron, SOSA Global CEO at SOSA
Rick Liu, Angel Investor and CRO, Playphone
Eugene Zhang, Founding Partner, TEEC Angel Fund
Adam Benayoun, Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Howie Huang, VP Technology, GWC
Gil Ben-Artzy, Co-Founder of UpWest Labs
Gurpreet Singh, VP International, GWC
Aya Peterburg, Analyst at Sequoia Capital
Barrett Parkman, VP Global Innovator Fund at GWC
Eric Yang, Director at GWC
Ryan Baird, Fund Associate, Global Innovator Fund at GWC
Omri Boral, Partner at Tech for Good
Yael Rivkind, Deal Flow & Alumni Manager at Microsoft Ventures
Roni Kareth, Head of GMIC Tel-Aviv, GWC

Don’t miss out on the competition.  Come to G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Tel Aviv! If you are an innovative startup founder apply for a complimentary pass.

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