G-Startup at GMIC Beijing 2017 Top 50 High Potential Startups

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G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Beijing is excited to announce the Top 50 High Potential startups. With a focus on new frontier technology, we have received 546 applications from 46 countries covering sections such as AI technology, AI in healthcare/finance/agriculture, AR/VR, robotics, big data enabled enterprise, etc. Many of our applicants have raised from Alibaba, IDG, Matrix Capital, GGV Capital, BAI, HTC Vive, ZhenFund, InnoAngel, ChinaGrowth Capital, etc. The Top 50 will be narrowed to the Top 25 and then to the final Top 15. Leading investors, founders, and startup ecosystem builders can attend G-Startup at GMIC Beijing on April 27.

Top 50 (in no particular order):

Meleap – create AR Techno Sports
Coinizy – enable unbanked population to shop online
偶橙科技 Ocheng- AI bot + SaaS platform for sales
The CareVoice –  health insurtech to bring better healthcare experience
GOXIP HK – shoppable Instagram in Asia
Origins Tech – IoT connected air quality sensors
247Tickets – find and book the best events
Evoke Motorcycles – early stage electrical motorcycles
卖粮宝 (WV Agri) – agribusiness FinTech
Vectr Labs Inc. – creative software in the cloud. “Adobe Killer”
Admetsys.com – high-tech connected healthcare for real-time treatment
Transportika – Sharing service of organization cargo transportations
秘境LocationHunter – creativity of the New China to the world
Rikai Labs – AI for business logic
TARA AI – intelligent product builder
See It Buy It – AI-based mobile 1st apparel marketplace
Go-Up Team – intelligent platform for managers
ZhenHub – cloud-based command center for eCommerce retail
Agroop – big data analytics platform for agricultural sector
VirtualApt Corp – autonomous robots for VR/AR

禾赛科技 – LiDAR for autonomous vehicles
Black Sails Technology Inc – cutting-edge VR backend solutions
中科云创(北京)科技有限公司 – SaaS IoT enterprise management
北京连心医疗科技有限公司– LinkingMed, big data for cancer treatment
曜宇航空(深圳)科技有限公司- drones for real time, real view mapping
北京君临谷中科技有限公司- AI curated contents
北京佳格天地科技有限公司– data-driven decisions for farmers to maximize productivity
深圳市异方科技有限公司– GoodScan, one scan for cargo info
非凡部落(北京)科技有限公司– AR interactive education for children
北京隐力场科技有限公司 Invisible Tech, Inc. )– Elsewhere, spark a sharing city movement
湖图塔科技有限公司– Data thinker: fastest big data technology
Bonzun口袋孕育 – The only app you need for a safer pregnancy
科技谷(厦门)信息技术有限公司– Palantir in China’s civil aviation
北京神秘谷数字科技有限公司– AR technology for interactive entertainment experience
精艺互动- app for music creation
北京微橡科技有限公司- mobile platform for education (application + content + service)
健安华夏(北京)科技有限公司– health management solution for patients with diabetes
PlusOne, Inc – hologram engine detecting users’ emotions, biometrics, gestures, and positions
Deep01 Limited- use deep learning to make doctors faster and more accurate
北京互联星梦科技有限公司 – award winning VR games
北京腾客科技有限公司 –  Wisafe for security surveillance
雪豹VR – most professional VR gaming developer
深圳视界信息技术有限公司– data crawling platform
北京真机智能科技有限公司 – self-driving robots for delivery
源伞科技有限公司- Automatic scan platform
DCBP (德车创购)– platform for people to sell and buy second-hand cars
北京英梅吉科技有限公司– Hand CV monocular camera-based gesture control
上海扩博智能技术有限公司– Clobotics: Cloud. Robots. For you enterprise
北京小飞侠科技有限公司– 3D MagicPan Pancake Printer
深圳宇客电子科技有限公司- VR Ski games

– Jenny Lee, Managing Partner, GGV
– Ya-Qin Zhang, President, Baidu
– Anna Fang, CEO and Partner, Zhen Fund
– Kui Zhou, Partner, Sequoia Capital
– Shoucheng Zhang, Founding Chairman, Danhua Capital 
– Barrett Parkman, Partner, GWC Innovator Fund
– Dave McClure, Founder, 500 Startups
– Anu Hariharan, Partner, Y Combinator
– Hans Tung, Managing Partner, GGV
– Harry Man, Partner, Matrix Partners
– Phil Chen, Advisor, Horizons Ventures
– Edith Yeung, Partner, 500 Startups
– Raymond Liao, Managing Director, Samsung Next Ventures

The top 15 startups will pitch to thousands of tech leaders and professionals on stage at GMIC Beijing on April 27. The first place winner will receive a $100,000 investment and a free trip to Silicon Valley to compete in the G-Startup Worldwide Global Finals for an additional $250,000 investment. The Top 25 of G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Beijing will also receive a free demo booth to show off their startup to tens of thousands of attendees at GMIC Beijing.

Additionally, G-Startup is excited to partner with Facebook’s successful startup program, FbStart, to help entrepreneurs around the world access resources and scale their business. G-Startup Beijing’s Top 15 will automatically be accepted into Facebook’s FbStart program. Benefits include Facebook ad credits, free partner services, user testing support, and mentorship from Facebook’s product managers and engineers.


G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup competition held around the world to find high-potential, early stage startups, invest in them, support them with a global network and enable them to change the world. The G-Startup Worldwide program invests over $1,000,000 in startups annually. G-Startup Worldwide is hosted at each Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in 2017 including Beijing, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Tokyo, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. The local winners of G-Startup Worldwide at selected competitions receive investment. The winner also receives a free trip to Silicon Valley to compete to become the G-Startup Worldwide Global Winner and receive an additional $250,000 investment! All regional winners have the opportunity to automatically be admitted to Facebook’s FbStart program and a boot camp with Google Launchpad Accelerator.  Any eligible startup from around the world may apply here.

About GMIC

GMIC, the Global Mobile Internet Conference, hosts mobile executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from around the globe and across platforms to build partnerships, to learn from industry thought leaders, to better understand mobile technology trends, and to shed light on how mobile is positively changing the world. GMIC is the official home for G-Startup Worldwide competitions. For more information, please visit http://www.thegmic.com/.

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