G-Startup at GMIC Tel Aviv partnership with Top Innovator Community SOSA

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SOSA innovator community

G-Startup Worldwide is pleased to announce our Accelerator Partnership for GMIC Tel-Aviv with the top innovator co-working space in Israel,  SOSA (South of Salame).  SOSA is a community comprised of leaders from all walks of the entrepreneurial ecosystem who believe in propelling innovation through constant personal interactions.  G-startup Worldwide, and SOSA are all committed to building the Tel Aviv tech startup ecosystem and its relationships with international investors, companies and associations.

As an Accelerator Partner SOSA will help promote the competition, serve on the applicant selection committee, and offer additional prizes for the winners.

G-startup Worldwide will feature Roy Oron, the Global CEO at SOSA, at a closed event called “Pitch Camp” and give the top 10 startups advice on raising capital, pitching to VC’s, and deal terms. After which, each startup will give their pitch to 4 or 5 mentors including Mr. Oron and receive feedback to hone their pitches on the day before the competition.

SOSA is happy to contribute a Yearly Startup membership as a prize to the top 3 winners of the startup competition.

Founded by a diverse team of industry enthusiasts, SOSA occupies four stories of a vintage industrial building in South Tel Aviv. It offers its members a uniquely crafted space, designed to promote interaction, creativity and collaboration, constituting a vibrant environment to meet, work, and socialize.  Visit SOSA at http://sosa.co/ to learn more about SOSA’s innovator’s community, established for the startup ecosystem.

The Israel startup ecosystem has come together to support G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Tel Aviv.  We have also partnered with:

UpWest Labs believes in investing and partnering with entrepreneurs for the long-term

Tech For Good feature stories, videos and podcasts that demonstrate the potential of Tech For Good, celebrating where it is being used and developed.

EISP 8200 Harnessing the vast network of 8200 alumni in order to promote and empower early stage, first-time entrepreneurs from all industries. 

VCFORU If you want to create a professional one pager, we encourage you to use our partners VCFORU.

GeekTime is the largest international tech blog located outside the U.S., focusing on global innovation and highlighting startups from across the world.

Startup Stadium is the leading Start-Up, High Tech and Entrepreneurship community in Israel with over 36,000 members.

Invisu is a wizard that guides entrepreneurs to create their investor one pager/send-out deck in a clear, concise manner that gets them the meetings.

Lastly,  G-Startup’s Global Strategic partners, Sequoia Capital and Cheetah Mobile, make the whole program possible.

G-Startup Worldwide @ GMIC Tel Aviv with its partners are truly bringing together the best in the Israeli startup ecosystem to enable technology innovation that positively impacts mankind by building connections and trust among mobile industry leaders and innovators.

Apply now before the deadline of this Saturday, February 22, 2016, for a chance to pitch your startup to the top VCs and Tech Leaders at G-startup Worldwide at GMIC Tel Aviv!



G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup competition held around the world to find the most innovative, early stage startups, invest $1,000,000 in them, support them with a global network and enable them to change the world.

G-Startup Worldwide will be hosted at each Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in 2016 including Tel Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangalore, Taipei and San Francisco.

In 2016, G-Startup Worldwide will invest $1 million into 18 companies around the world. Our winners also gain access to the exclusive G-Network, our private network for global tech executives.  For more information or to apply, visit http://www.thegmic.com/.


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