G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Beijing Prizes Announced

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On the heels of our highly successful startup competition in Tel Aviv, we are pleased to announce the prizes for G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC Beijing:

  1. Applicants (First come, first served) will receive a free trial of AWS cloud service ($900 value).
  2. Top 50 startups get a demo booth at the conference.
  3. Top 20 earn a 8,000 RMB coupon to Woo space, an appointment office.
  4. Top 10 win 3 months of free space at DAY DAY UP.
  5. $50,000 investment prize from the GWC Innovator Fund for the first place winner.
  6. $20,000 investment prize from the GWC Innovator Fund for second place.
  7. Top 10 are accepted to Google Developers Launchpad Program and the winner will attend a mentorship bootcamp at Google’s headquarters.
  8. Top 3 will get a membership in G-Network, our global, invite only, tech leader community.
  9. Winner will receive a trip to Silicon Valley to pitch for a chance to win an additional $250,000 investment in the G-Startup Worldwide Global Finals for the first place winner and another $120,000 investment for second place.

If you missed applying to our Beijing event but still want your startup to compete in our G-Startup Worldwide Global Startup Competitions please check out our other events in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangalore, Jakarta, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Sao Paulo.

About GWC
GWC was founded in 2008 with the vision to be the world’s most influential mobile innovation platform. GWC enables technology innovation that positively impacts mankind by building connections and trust among mobile industry leaders and innovators globally. It includes the G-Network, a member network with over 700 CEO industry members; the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) event series; GHome, a China-US innovation incubator; and RobotX, a leading AI and Robotics innovation platform. For more information, please visit http://en.gwc.net/.

About GMIC
GMIC, the Global Mobile Internet Conference, hosts mobile executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from around the globe and across platforms to build partnerships, to learn from industry thought leaders, to better understand mobile technology trends, and to shed light on how mobile is positively changing the world. GMIC will be the official home for all G-Startup Worldwide competitions. For more information, please visit http://www.thegmic.com/.

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